Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Return of the Know Nothing Party a.k.a. Arizona Idiots

I am watching Senator McCain's town hall meeting. Misinformed, prejudiced, selfish people overwhelming all reasoned discussion. Has our nation fallen to the level that cynical lies are taken for truth by people too lazy to look up the facts for themselves? The financial interests which run some of the news media, notably certain lying and distorting news networks, leave these intellectual limp wrists in paroxysm's of panic and anger. These networks want to keep the ratings up by pandering to overt liars carrying water for those making good money from the broken, killing health care system we now have. I am sorry, but ignorance is no excuse! I say to those of you shouting instead of thinking: get yourself educated or you will send your country down the toilet. These idiots don't want our elected government to run things, but they sure don't mind the unelected monied elite doing it by co-opting them with emotional scare tactics. There are many ways to make things better - public or private, but you have to think. Any viewpoint that has an underpinning of truth can pursue its interest with calm democratic debate, but I'm not seeing citizens here, I'm seeing bullies loosed by a news network that tells them that what they are doing is just fine. The welfare of our nation depends on an informed electorate, which pursues conflict democratically. God forbid that these are what pass for citizens and patriots. Waving a flag doesn't make you a good citizen, but learning our history, intelligently studying the issues, and participating in the democratic process will. Let's end the disruptive shouting of the know nothing empty heads, and demand reasoned discourse. There are too many thoughtful people on both sides (including McCain)trying to heal a broken medical care system. It galls me to see people booing him (McCain) when he concedes that both he and Obama are sincere in wanting to find a solution. This crowd looks like a lynch mob. If these forums aren't controlled by civic rules, and interpersonal civility a disaster may occur. We have already seen armed nuts stalking the presidents forums.

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