Thursday, September 23, 2010

A Timely Criticism of Big Money and Right Wing Religion

“The people have had of late no word in making and executing the laws; not more than five hundred men are the sovereign of the land and those are controlled by a religious faction on the one hand and moneyed sharks on the other. The republic, founded upon the principles of liberality and equality, is being transformed into a dogmatic hierarchy, under the assumption of being the only representations of law and order, and under this guise or pretext, they make war upon those who differ with them. If this crew of hypocrites, political and religious manipulators, were sailing under their true colors – a sect of religious fanatics of the old Puritan school – they would not be permitted to control State legislatures, cities and villages throughout the country. Laws have been enacted contrary to the spirit of true Democracy, as well as contrary to true Christianity.” ----- The Blunderbuss, Lancaster Wisconsin, July 1874