Wednesday, September 2, 2009

We Want The Government Out Of Our Business Now!

At a town hall meeting held by Congressman Steny Hoyer, April M. Burke of Mechanicsville, said her son and daughter-in-law had both lost their jobs and health insurance, but still were covered by the state. "We want the government out of our business now," she bellowed to cheers from the audience.

I take it that this is what she meant:

I’m sure my kids will give up that state provided health care; it probably gets Federal Government money anyway. They don’t want that Unemployment Compensation either! I want to give up using the public roads. Road crews, Highway Patrol – out! I want to get all the police out of my town, and dump the FBI too! We don’t need them. We have our guns. I want no air traffic controllers when I fly. I want the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard eliminated – right now! I want Social Security and Medicare ended – right now! I’ll take in my mother. Kick out the doctors at the Centers for Disease Control. Out of the way Public Health Service! Disease is natural anyway. Send the Border Patrol packing. We don’t need them. We have our guns. Close down all the public schools – right now! My kids don’t like books or reading anyway and neither do I. Close that State University too! End all farm price supports and subsidies. We don’t care if the farmers fail. We’ll grow our own food. Bye-bye USDA! Close all those military bases that support Red America with Blue America’s taxes. Kick every Medicaid patient out of the nursing home. I know that’s most of them but I don’t care! Close them prisons! I can handle the released criminals. I’ve got my guns! No more guaranteed loans to students. No more Locks and Dams on the rivers. No bridges – remember, we don’t need them without roads. No more money. Let each bank issue their own. Yup, get government out of our business now!

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  1. There's logic for you. Did you catch the story about the guy who was anti-health care who started a fight with a pro-heath care guy? The anti-health care guy got his finger bitten off, walked to the hospital to have it reattached and used his MEDICARE to pay for it. Cheers.