Thursday, August 20, 2009

What The Democrats Must Do

Health care reform is bogged down in misinformation pushed by Faux News, Glenn Beck (the hysteric), and Rush Linbaugh (head of the Republican Party). What they do is lie. It is profitable and there are many fools to follow them. The death and illness they want to perpetuate bothers them not a bit. The money they and their masters make from the hysteria and propaganda is what is important to them, which brings me to the point. We don't need to give them ammunition. There are a number of criticisms they made which we can address, and maybe cut down on the shouting. First, we can add specific language to the bill stating that federal funds will not be used for abortion. Yes that is redundant with the Hyde Amendment, but ink is cheap. Second, accept tort reform. It will save on the costs and it is important to compromise to get to the goal. We have to achieve universal coverage. That is the moral imperative.

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