Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sotomayor Hearing

Isn't it amazing that even the Democrats are trying to emphasize how often Judge Sotomayor has denied discrimination claims. Only about one in eight allegations of discrimination results in any relief for the complainant. Does that mean that discrimination is rare? Not at all. Discrimination is rampant and if anything a growing phenomenon in an aging and multicultural society. What those facts prove is that the entire system is weighted against those who are victims of discrimination. They, with their limited funds and often no attorney, are forced to confront the high paid legal staffs of Corporations and Governments who are determined to do anything but guarantee equal rights, corporations and governments which are populated with recipients of graft, cronyism, and favored treatment for white employees (who still dominate the upper ranks of corporations and government. A lot of those federal court judges and supreme court justices are graduates of the legal staffs of these "beat them down" employer cabals. This supreme court needs change very badly. Talk about "activist judges"! These justices have used every convoluted rationale possible over and over again to gut the very modest protections that law provides for minorities, women, and older Americans by overturning long established precedents. Let's hope that Sotomayor will bring her experiences as a Latina to play. Maybe that will give the Supreme Court an ever so faint air of justice. Justice is not blind, but sometimes it seems that the only color it recognizes is white, and the only voice it hears is the one backed by money.

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